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Artist's Statement
Paul Stafford ~ Wood
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Cottonwood Zippered Vase -  11" tall
SOLD - Small Ash Zippered Vase - 6.2" tall
Zippered Honey Locust Vessel - 6.5" tall by 5" dia.
Whether using wood from exotic wood suppliers, lumbermen, or fallen trees from forests or backyards, I turn it into a form of decorative art that transcends functionality.

First I study the rough log and visualize how to expose the wood's inherent organic traits. 
I use a wood lathe and ordinary wood working tools (hand and powered) to shape the once living wood and reveal the aesthetics of the natural beauty and richly figuring of the grains. I may incorporate a natural edge, bark inclusions, insect damage and spalting as adornment. I create a coutnerpoint to the beauty of the wood with a graceful and elegant form that satisfies my sense of balance and design.

To make the vessel speak for me as a unique entity I use a variety of methods for surface treatments. From simple texturing to detailed carving, sandblasting, bleaching, burning, pigmentation, piercing, or inlaying, all applied to add a level of communication to the final form.

I use powered tools to sand the wood to remove tool marks with sandpaper down to 400-grit size. I complete sanding by hand using the 400-grit sandpaper. Next I add a finish. It may be simply hand rubbed beeswax and oil, or multiple air brushed coatings of polyurethane, or polymer resin. A polished paste wax finish is applied before they are put on display.

Each of my creations is unique; no two are alike.
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Littleton Colorado
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