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Artist's Statement
Lori Lytle ~ Painting
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I grew up watching my dad draw. He was an architect who sometimes worked from home.
I watched how he put the pencil down and drew the lines, with different thicknesses and shadings. At the age of four, I started drawing on everything - walls, the neighbors’ driveways and scraps of paper my father brought home from work.
After formal art training, I gravitated to abstract works, using dense layerings of color  - color over color to develop movement and to make my paintings activated. Painting from instinct and from emotion make my works identifiable. I create groups of paintings because I think you should do the same thing 50 times and see the evolution of the series. 
Lori Lytle graduated from Western Michigan University with degrees in graphic design and fine arts. While in school, she presented one-woman and group shows in Kalamazoo galleries and still exhibits her work at a local gallery. Her mixed media works have been shown galleries in the Charlotte area and she participates annually in shows sponsored by the Gaston County Art Guild. A former instructor at the Gaston School of the Arts, Lori now teaches private lessons and is working on a series of large abstract canvasses in her Stanley studio.  
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North Carolina
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