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About Erin Janow
Erin Janow ~ Ceramics
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Erin Janow is a potter, wife, mother, and cook. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Art History from Indiana University, the same state where she spent her childhood, she began her apprenticeship working for Magnum Pottery as an understudy for nearly seven years.

In January 2009, she ventured forth as a solo potter to develop her own line of pottery investing time and energy in the development of new glazes and techniques. Along with her husband, a jewelry maker, Erin works in a studio conveniently found in the basement of her home in Asheville, North Carolina. Her toddler son, Herschel, can often be seen sitting on the floor near one of the numerous drying racks lined with Erin’s clay creations, as his mother works quietly on the wheel.

Says Janow, “My work is designed to be user-friendly and functional.  Because I also have a passion for cooking and family, my hope is that others will find happiness using my pottery when cooking meals for their families as well.”

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North Carolina
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